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The Arms of an Angel Foundation is a non-profit Drug Awareness Outreach Program.  

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We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. With the help of our tireless staff, we organize fundraisers, community-building events, and in-depth training sessions for our volunteers.

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Arms of an Angel continues to raise funds for 4th Police Dog

 The fundraising has begun for a 4th dog.  Each police dog costs about  $18,000. We have one police dog in service for the Mt Vernon Police department. The second police dog is going to join the police department this spring. Another Service Dog will be joining the Sheriff Department this spring also. Watch for these fund raising jars all over town. Also a BIG Thank You to Amanda Rogers Amanda Rogers Ondick of the Complete Care Animal Hospital, 999 Harcourt Road, for donating vet services for the life of the 1st dog.

This is our town and this is a community-wide project/campaign. We are challenging schools to have fundraisers to get the kids involved. We'll be announcing more details on our facebook page.


How to Donate


 Go to the website of Community Foundation of Knox County and Mount Vernon:
On the right hand side, there's a large DONATE NOW button. Click that. The second fund you see is "Arms of an Angel Foundation Police Dog Campaign". Click that. Then go to the right and click "Continue". Put in the amount. (do not add a designation). Add a comment if you'd like, such as, in honor of _______________. Then click "Continue" and follow the instructions to continue to pay by credit card or direct withdraw from an account.


 To pay by check: Make Check out to Arms of an Angel Foundation. In the subject line, put in "Dog Fund", and mail to Arms of an Angel Foundation, 1485 Yauger Road, Mount Vernon, OH 43050. We will then deposit it in to the Community Foundation and you will get proper tax receipt. Checks can also be dropped off at 1485 Yauger Road (Real Living office) or at the main branch of First Knox National Bank, 1 S. Main St.


Cash donations can be made at any of the collection at local merchants all over Mount Vernon. List of local merchant locations will be forthcoming.This is a community-wide project. This is OUR TOWN - OUR DOG. Let's help take our community back by supporting law enforcement in the fight against drugs and crime. Goal is $18,000  for our 4th Police Dog.