About Us

Who We Are

The Arms of an Angel Foundation, a non-profit Drug Awareness Outreach Program was founded in February 2009, by Dave and Ellen Culbertson and family, after the tragic, accidental heroin overdose of their son, Carl Culbertson, who fought addiction for nine years.

Our Goal

The goal of the foundation is to reach out to young people and adults, spreading education and awareness of the heroin and opiate epidemic and other timely drug issues...with a special emphasis on Small Town America, where the problem is growing exponentially.

This is the new lifelong ministry of the Culbertson Family.

"If we can help prevent other families from going through what we went through, and are still going through, during Carl's addictions, death and our grieving process, then Carl's short life will have more meaning," commented Dave Culbertson.

Spreading the Word

Dave is available as a speaker to groups of any size from sixth grade and up to parents and grandparents. He has age-specific presentations with PowerPoint, that last about anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, to bring this message personal and up close. Caution... his presentation may have you in tears during part of it, but it definitely gets the point across.  Dave is here to fire us back up to take charge and win the war on drugs. Help Arms of an Angel Foundation grow nationwide with your support.

If you have suggestions for speaking engagements for Dave, 

e-mail him at ArmsOfAnAngel2009@gmail.com.