Ohio's Opiate Epidemic

Opiate Summit draws 1000+ concerned professionals

Columbus, April 5, 2011. Dave Culbertson, founder of Arms of an Angel joined 1000+ other concerned Ohioans at the Summit on Policy, Prevention and Treatment of Ohio's Opiate Epidemic. This summit gave attendees enthusiasm and information to help them fight the upcoming battle against pill mills, illegal prescription writing, and waging this war from all aspects, from education, law enforcement and rehabilitation of victims.  

Opiate Use in Ohio, up 900% in ten years

  Since 2007, more Ohioans have died from unintentional drug overdoses than in car accidents. The current death rate is more than four times the mortality rate of the “black tar” heroin epidemic of the 1970s and three times that of the crack cocaine crisis of the 1990s.Unintentional drug poisonings in 2009 killed at least 1,373 Ohioans — an average of nearly four per day. Prescription opioids (pain medications) are a leading cause of the problem. Those most associated with overdose in Ohio are oxycodone (OxyContin,Percocet), hydrocodone (Vicodin), and methadone (Dolophine, Methadose). Perceived to be safer than illegal drugs, prescription opioids are involved in more overdoses than any other prescription or illegal drug, including heroin and cocaine....We must band together to end this madness!

Old Prescription Roundups Nationwide


Arms of an Angel Foundation regularly assists Old Prescription Rounups, either operated entirely by us, or as part of the DEA's National TakeBack Day projects.

For more info on this nationwide Takeback Day, see this link:
National Takeback Day