Rx Roundups - Get old prescriptions out of your house!

 We regularly coordinate Old Prescription Roundups in cooperation with law enforcement. If you'd like one in your community, we can help you make that happen.

One recent roundup took 76 pounds of pills out of homes and off the streets.


 PLEASE: Please remove pills from containers and place pills in zip loc bags. Please, no liquids, injectables or inhalers.


These events are run in conjuction with: KSAAT, Arms of an Angel Foundation; Knox County Health Dept.; Alcohol & Drug Freedom Center; Knox Community Hospital; Snyder Funeral Homes; Knox County Coroners Office; Community Mental Health & Recovery Board; Knox County Commissioners; Mount Vernon Police Dept; Fredericktown Police Dept; Knox County Sheriff's Dept. & Fosters Pharmacy.


There are now two 24/7 drop off sites for old prescriptions in Knox County...Knox County Sheriff's office lobby on Upper Gilchrist Road and the MVPD lobby at the police station at the corner of Gay and E. Chestnut Street.

To help get drugs off the street, Arms of an Angel Foundation regularly runs Old Prescription Roundups, where people bring in old prescriptions. These are run under strict DEA guidelines and with DEA approval, with local law enforcement present. The pills are placed by the owner into an "amnesty box", a locked safe. After the roundup, they are transported, with police escort, to Snyder Funeral Home or other locations for incineration.

This is the only safe way to destroy these potentially-dangerous drugs. They should never be flushed down toilets as they can contaminate our water system and could destroy bacteria in septic tanks.

People are encouraged to keep their current prescriptions under lock and key and to properly dispose of old prescriptions in this manner.

Arms of an Angel Foundation does not charge any money for speaking or running drug roundups, but donations and endowments are accepted.  

"Let’s work together to help get the fresh drugs under lock and key and the old drugs destroyed before they reach kids' hands", remarked Dave Culbertson. It is advisable to keep all prescriptions not only out of reach of children and teens, but have a secret location for them in a disguised container, such as a box marked "2009 Taxes" or something similar. Otherwise, if they are in the usual places, such as the medicine cabinet or kitchen cupboard, they are targets for theft.

"If we can help prevent even one family from going through what we have been, and are going through, then these efforts are worth it," Culbertson added.

For more information, call Dave Culbertson, 740-485-1641.

To have Arms of an Angel set up and operate a Prescription Roundup in your community, please contact Dave Culbertson. If possible, we'd like to coordinate it with speaking events in schools, churches, civic groups to magnify the positive effects on your community.

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